Assembly Instructions

Wire Shelving Assembly Instructions :

Step 1:
First decide whether you need the shelfmobile. If using the chrome stubs, attach the chrome stubs to the bottom of each pole. If you wish to use the wheels, simply attach the wheels to the bottom of the poles.

Step 2:
Once your base is complete, then add the shelves. Use 4 sleeves and snap them onto the very bottom of the four legs. Slide the frist shelf onto the four poles, stopping when the shelf hits the sleeves. Using a rubber gently pound the shelf to ensure a tight fit.

Place 4 snap-on sleeves at a desired level above the previous shelf. Slide on the shelf and pound with a rubbermallet. Repeat

Step 4:
Use the last 4 snap-on sleeves by snapping them onto the very top of the four poles. Place the fourth and final shelf onto the sleeves and pound with a rubber mallet.

Your shelving unit is finished and ready for use!

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