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Maytling Shelving is a company based in China exporting various high grade Storage Wire Shelving , Display Shelving , carts and various industrial shelving products. Maytling has extensive experience on a variety of shelving types, basically, we offer adjustable Chrome Multi-layer Shelving , 3 layer shelving, 5 layer shelving, light type wire shelving and heavy type rack shelving products for world customers.

Our expertise in the design and manufacture of metal shelving system has enabled us to export to many customer in the world including UK, USA and other countries.

We mainly supply adjustable wire shelves made of galvanized steel and stainless steel. Finishes of MT metal shelving system include chrome coating, powder coating or plain stainless steel.

We are providing in this site some major common types of our shelving products. Actually, we can provide a wide range of styles and sizes according to the requirements of the customers.

You are always welcome to contact us for quality wire shelving from China Maytling Wire Shelving Co

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