Stainless Steel Wire Shelving

High grade Wire Shelving for Racks is commonly made of stainless steel wire materials.
Surface treatment: Powder coating, chrome coating, plain stainless steel

Advantages to using stainless steel wire shelving in either chrome or epoxy coated are:

Hygiene: As the prime choice of all medical institutions, pharmacies, laboratories, clinics, nursing homes, etc. as well as the first choice for kitchens, abattoirs and food processing units, because of its sanitary features and easy cleaning - stainless steel shelving is a good choice that can be extended to home kitchens and pantries.

Fire and heat resistance: Stainless steel has nickel alloy and chrome in high percentages and together they make the shelving units resistant to fire and heat, scaling and corrosion.

Strength: It may not look like much but stainless steel is very durable and long lasting. True it can take a beating and collect a few knocks along the way, but you can be sure its going to be with you for the long haul.

Aesthetics: Stainless steel shelving has a bright and shiny appearance that gives a very clean look and a certain amount of attractiveness to the units.

Corrosion: The anti corrosion properties from the natural chrome rich oxide film that forms over the steel's surface helps to prevent corrosion and allow the metal to be self repairing.

Fabrication: Modern techniques have advanced to the point where stainless steel can be fabricated like any other kind of metal, giving it shape and design.

Stainless steel wire shelving has captured a good part of the storage market with its durability, longevity and sturdiness that inspire confidence.


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