Wire Racks

Wire rack shelving offers unobstructed shelf openings with maximum storage capacity. Wire racks made of heavy gauge steel are strong enough to hold objects with a lot of weight. In places where power tools are stored, wire shelving makes the most sense. A wire shelf is also very cost effective when compared to other shelves. For the price, they will require much less maintenance than wood, hold up better than plastic, and perform better than glass in most situations.

Materials: Chrome coated galvanized wire, or stainless steel wire
Types: 3 layer, 4 layer or multifunctional.

Wire rack shelving is designed for greater shelf loads, thanks to heavy gauge steel construction. It does the job of several conventional shelving sections at a fraction of the cost. Shelves adjust on 1-1/2" centers.

A wire rack will have no problems with expansion or contraction due to moisture. It will not bow or warp due to temperature changes. Often, wire racks are equipped with wheels, making them extremely easy to move from one place to another.



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