Wire Shelving for Racks

Wire shelving can be made for construction of metal racks of various sizes and styles. Surface treatments for this special shelving cover Chrome Plating and Black Powder Coating.
Common sizes of rack shelving:1.Size: W450*L1200*H1500mm
2. Material: Steel
3. Structure: Single layer, three layer, multi-layer
4. Different sizes and colors are available.
Introduction of Metal Racks Made of Wire Shelving for Racks

1.Description:Metal rack
2.Modal No.:MT-0231
4.Lenghth: 24", 30", 36",48",60",72"
5.Width:   12",  14", 18', 21", 24", 30", 36"
5.Wire Gauge:6.0*4.5*3.0mm
7.Finished: Powder coating ( Chrome plated one is offered).
8.Load capacity: 200kg
8.Easily folded,durable,stylish,flexible and light.
9.We can make it acording to the client's requests.
10.It enjoys great reputation in North American and Europe.

Wire Shelving for Racks
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